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If you are intrigued on how our style of teaching and learning basketball works, EA Online has developed resources such as platforms for coaches, players and PDF’s;

All of our online prodcuts are extensions of our day-to-day work at our Academy (@eliteacademyantwerp), basketball camps and individual training sessions with kids to pros.

Get an inside look at a unique basketball approach & academy

Learn to coach like our coaches and train like our players.

Our most popular product to start with right now is our recently released Skill Development Guide.

Whats new

Joerik’s Skill Guide is the best way to start your learning with us.

This 198-page book is a celebration of Joerik’s 10 years of research and experience with youth athletes, all the way to professional players all over the world.

It will give you an insight into the way we coach basketball skills from general principles to specific skill teaching.

Coaches Platform

Our Coaches Platform is a learning community of hundreds of coaches worldwide who want to continuously improve the way skill teaching and running a youth basketball club is done.


The content is aimed towards the coach who wants to:


  • see game-based skill videos with kids to pros that you can use immediately (over 250 videos)
  • learn how we create our practice plans for Academy sessions
  • study detailed 10+ minute skill breakdown videos
  • get insight in how we run our basketball academy
  • read 50+ articles from all our coaches (skill, shooting, athletic, style-of-play)

Players Platform

Are you a player who wants to transform his individual training routine?

Our Player Platform was created for the motivated player who wants to put it the work and get access to exercises that will help him/her dominate on the court.

The Platform is the player who wants to:

  • improve dribbling, shooting, decision-making with short practical videos for immediate use
  • jump higher, become a better athlete and prevent knee injury
  • create new athletic lifestyle mini-habits that will give you consistent effortless progress

You can spend hours of browsing Youtube for training videos or get to work immediately.

Both coaches and players will get access to the following content

Skill-workout videos

In-depth skill breakdown videos

Athletic development exercise videos

Decision-making games

A look behind the scenes of Elite Academy

Coaching clinics (coaches platform only)

Guest teachers footage

PDFs we share with our own players

Latest Posts

Practice Your Most Important Steps… All The Time

Practice Your Most Important Steps… All The Time

A player came to me last week describing how he had pulled his left side hip a little bit. He showed me how it had happened: he stood in a ready position and then exploded into a first step. After doing some light massaging and a mobility exercise to ease his nervous...

The Game Has Changed: My Plan For Off-Season

The Game Has Changed: My Plan For Off-Season

In this article I want to share with you my thoughts and my plan for the off-season. Everyday my morning routine is watching a couple of condensed highlights of some NBA games from the night before. What I occasionally like to do, is take some stats watching the...

Are you really getting better in practice?

Are you really getting better in practice?

When your workouts are too easy it’s good for confidence but you’re not really getting better. Practice should be challenging, when you’re practicing at the edge of your abilities then you’re improving. That’s why we create complexity in our mini games by adding...

Floater the future 2-pointer

Teardrops and soft runners are being used more and more.

Want to update your players’ floater game this off-season?

Then check out five 1v1 floater games you can use in your skill sessions

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