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Coaches Platform

As a member of our platform you get access to our video library with hundreds of small-sided games, drills, skill breakdowns, athletic exercises as well as our most recent thoughts in monthly articles. For the coach who loves new creative impulses and practical ideas.


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Coaches Course

 This is the course we use to educate our own coaches! Structured in 6 modules to allow step-by-step classroom like learning. Understand our coaching framework in 4-5 hours of study- and get quizzed afterwards.


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The Ultimate Skill Development Guide

For the first time ever, Professional Basketball Skills Trainer Joerik Michiels releases his most comprehensive guide to Skill Development. 


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Skill Development Practice Plans

Go behind the scenes of Belgium’s most innovative Basketball Academy. See 15 practice plans and create your own using the template.


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Elite Athletes Players Workbooks and Webinar

The book is an active workbook that complements the player’s practice by giving suggestions or planting seeds that might lead to knowing themselves better and building positive habits for the long run.⁣


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The Ultimate Player Guide

For the first time ever, Elite Academy has released how they run the ultimate player experience.


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The Ultimate Floater Guide

The two point shot of the future. Everything you need to teacher the floater, from start to finish.


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Our Favorite Small Sided Games

Our Favorite Small Sided Games

100 of our favorite games we use every day


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ssg Playlists

Our Favourite 1v1 Games

In this series we will show you 25+ of our favorite small-sided 1v1 games.


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