Coaches Traineeship Course

Want to transform your coaching with our new coaches traineeship course? This is the course we use to educate our own coaches!

In this traineeship course for coaches we have outlined how we coach at our Academy in six modules. In this easy to navigate course, each module covers an aspect of our coaching approach to player and team development.

In this course you will learn:
1. Our definition and role of the coach
2. How to get real transfer from practice to the game
3. Details on giving feedback & creating practice plans
4. Our offensive “style-of-play” principles
5. Super Six Basketball Skills PDF + 50 minutes of skill breakdowns
6. Athletic Development framework introduction

Every module consists of a 15 to 40 minute video presentation and/or PDF on the specific topic. You also get an audio file of each presentation.

In total you will get access to over 3 hours of video material, the complete Ultimate Skill Guide PDF (198 pages, worth $59), close to 1 hour of skill breakdown videos and our latest Player Mindset Workbook (40 pages, worth $39).

All modules are presented by the directors of our Academy: 
Joerik Michiels (Skills Director), Mathieu Detiege (Style-Of-Play Director & shooting coach) and Olivier Goetgeluck (Athletic Development Director).

You can watch the videos and go through the added material (PDF’s, tests, etc.) on your own time as you have one year access to the course.

After the course you will:

  • have a lot of new tools to add in your coaching toolbox
  • become better at giving feedback to your players to create a growth culture
  • know our teaching and playing style at our Academy

This course was designed to educate our own local coaches because of our Academy growth so it’s developed with that standard in mind!

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