Want to become a better player?

Want to become a better coach?


Learn to coach like our coaches and train like our players

Welcome to EA Online

If you are intrigued on how European style of teaching basketball works, EA Online has developed both a Coaches and Player Platform.

Both of them are online extensions of our day-to-day work and research at our Academy (@eliteacademyantwerp).

Coaches Platform

The content is aimed towards the coach who wants to:

  • learn more about our “process” and follow the evolution and “why” behind our teaching methods
  • get both short (<1 minute) practical and longer study (10 min up to 1hr+) video content
  • see hours of quick examples of skill work on “the basic 6” with kids to pro players
  • get a taste of how we developed our “more than basketball” culture over a timespan of 10 years
  • understand how we practice in context of team training, individual and camp settings
  • study in-depth 10+ minute skill breakdown videos
  • get practical ideas for your next days practice
  • learn how we plan our organize our academy as an organisation
  • read “from coaches for coaches” articles from our group of coaches

Learn more about the Coaches Platform.

Player Platform

For the player who wants to:

  • take ownership his or her game in the off-season and throughout the year
  • get short practical videos for immediate use
  • jump higher, fix and prevent knee injury, and improve joint mobility
  • get access to the same off-season program PDF’s and videos we make for our academy kids
  • develop a flexible and resilient “Kaizen” mindset to have less stress and fear of failure on the court
  • create new athletic lifestyle mini-habits that will give you consistent effortless progress
  • make training time more efficient by not wasting time browsing youtube for drills

Join Player Platform for just €99 or €9/month.

Both coaches and players will get access to the following content:


Skill-workout videos


In-depth skill breakdown videos


Athletic development exercise videos


Decision-making games


A look behind the scenes of Elite Academy


Coaching clinics (coaches platform only)


Guest teachers footage


 PDFs we share with our own players

For the first time ever, Professional Basketball Skills Trainer Joerik Michiels releases his most comprehensive guide to Skill Development.

The 198-page document is a culmination of over 10 years of research, working with youth athletes, all the way toprofessional players all over the world.

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