Do you want to become a better basketball player?

Transform your game by investing in a training approach that covers all levels to help you become the player you can be


15 years ago we were young kids ourselves looking for the best ways to improve our basketball game. We started searching the whole internet, found books and trainers that would help us to become more skilled, more athletic and get the right mindset.

10 years ago at age 21 we started sharing our ideas and training through our basketball development concept Elite Athletes. Since then the journey has been an amazing experience: we have trained thousands of kids through our camps, worked with hundreds of professional athletes, opened our own training facility, traveled the world teaching and started our own youth basketball academy where we work daily using our methods.

With this online platform we aim to share with you the advice we wished as young kids someone else gave us – all in one place – instead of having to spend so much time searching instead of training.

This means that we will not just share drills to work on your game, but we will actually share a lot beyond skill training because we believe the basketball player of today needs to develop the complete package.

The Player Platform will focus on the following 8 topics:

Skill Development

Work on the fundamentals of the game: ball handling, finishing, footwork, shooting, and passing.

Athletic Development

Exercises you can do at home to improve your strength, power, and co-ordination for better in-game performance.


Looking at the moves your favourite NBA players use and breaking down all the details so you understand why they work.


Daily mini-habits that you can immediately use to decrease injury, recover faster, and improve your athleticism.


Study resources and book summaries you can check out to understand more about basketball and life.


Videos and presentations that will help you to develop the ‘locked-in’ mentality to achieve your aims.


Simple strategies such as breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas,  snacks, and general advice.


Materials that have inspired and motivated us as coaches and players to keep you motivated along your journey.

Our aim with this platform is to make you feel, wherever you live, that you can become part of the training that happens in our club – Elite Academy – for less than the price of one basketball camp (or two coffees/month)!

We promise to create this support by offering you the ultimate toolbox that you can immediately use in your training to become a better player.

What makes our Academy special is our culture of Kaizen or day after day trying to improve a little bit.

We will share with you all the tools we share with our own players so that you too will have the support necessary to become the best player you can become.

  • Do you feel that you have more potential in you than you are currently using 
  • Could you use a little extra push on how to get started?
  • Do you want to focus on doing the training to make you better instead of searching the whole internet for the best drills, and leave that to us?


 We got you.

Do you want to:

  • Transform your game in the off-season and throughout the year?
  • Access a database with close to 100 basketball, athletic and lifestyle training clips?
  • Develop a flexible and resilient mindset?
  • Become a better on-court athlete?
  • Make your training time more efficient so you can focus on practicing rather than Youtube’ing drills?

Then the Player Platform is exactly what you need right now.

Recurring payments of €99 every year

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