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Our story.

We are Joerik and Olivier and 10 years ago at age 21 we decided that getting a day job was not for us. We decided to join forces to organize off-season sessions in a local gym in Antwerp, Belgium.

We felt there was a gap in how basketball skills were taught to youth players. Joerik coached the basketball part, Olivier programmed the athletic development sessions.

When we were young kids ourselves, we were looking for the best ways to improve our basketball game. We started searching the whole internet, found books and trainers that would help us to become more skilled, more athletic and get the right mindset.

Since we started sharing our ideas and training through our basketball development concept Elite Athletes the journey has been an amazing experience: we have trained thousands of kids through our camps, worked with hundreds of professional athletes, opened our own training facility, traveled the world teaching at international clubs, federations, NBA Without Borders, NBA Jr., etc.and started our own youth basketball academy where we work daily using our methods.

With this online platform we aim to share with you the advice we wished as young kids someone else gave us – all in one place – instead of having to spend so much time searching instead of training.

This means that we will not just share drills to work on your game, but we will actually share a lot beyond skill training because we believe the basketball player of today needs to develop the complete package.

With this online platform we aim to share with you the tools for which we had to study hard, pay thousands of euros, experiment, fail (often!) and travel far as young coaches.

The journey was worth it, paid off – and we want to share our teachings with you and we want to broaden our reach so every motivated player over the whole world can benefit from our ongoing learnings.

This means that we will not just share drills to work on your game, but we will actually share a lot beyond skill training because we believe the basketball player of today needs to be immersed in a holistic and supportive learning culture.

Do you feel like your sessions are often random and without aim and you’d like to train the EA way?
Do you feel you have more potential as a player and could mean more to your team mates?
Would you love a quick spark of inspiration before going on court?

We got you – and we can get you to work immediately.

Do you want to:


Transform your game throughout the year?


Access a database with close to 100 basketball, athletic and lifestyle training clips?


Develop a flexible and resilient mindset?


Become a student of the game with 60 minutes skill breakdowns?


Become a better on-court athlete?

Then the Player Platform is exactly what you need right now.

The Platform we will take you through all aspects of how you train yourself to become a better basketball player: from skill work to detailed studying moves of pro players, physical workouts, injury prevention, book summaries, and more.

You wil get you training exercises and workout plans that we use at our academy on all elements of the game.

Do you want to go from mindless hours of Youtubing to get straight to work?

Then our platform will be the investment your player development for the next year.

We have created an online home where you can return to find inspiration to drive your skill-set as a player to a new level.

Our aim is to make you feel, wherever you live, that you can become part of the training that happens in our club – Elite Academy – for less than the price of one basketball camp (or two coffees/month)!

Here’s a quick tour through the platform:

Reviews on EA:

“My experience with EA is that individual skill development is the corner stone, it is done in an environment where there is a with a great focus on the values, work ethic and mindset of the players.”

Mathias Hoffenberg

Director of Falcon Basket, Denmark

“EA plays the ‘long game’ – focus on long term athlete development through the journey rather than results driven. They have an holistic approach to athlete and staff development and focus on skill development through ‘Games Approach’.”

Peter Lonergan

Director of High Performance Coaching, Basketball Australia

“Joerik is one of the most invested trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His workouts are perfect, from challenging drills to studying film of an array of players. Joerik offers the best combination of physical and mental preparation that a player can ask for.”

Codi Miller-McIntyre

Pro Player at Partizan


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