The season plan is a condensed resource that we share with all our Academy coaches to help keep track off when to teach each concept in every age category.

Our aim with this document is to get all of our style of play and skill development vision on a couple of pages.

The whole vision and all it includes we teach in person of course – and have recorded in our Coaches Traineeship Course (which is the first thing a new coaches needs to study when joining our Academy).

The Year Plan covers:

  • Summary of our overall style of play
    • Creative Motion
    • Rules of Dominoes
    • Types of shots we value
    • Ways to create advantage
    • Decision-making rules, etc.
  • Offensive & Defensive Concepts to teach
  • Skills to teach within the categories of:
    • Finishing
    • Pick Ups
    • Ball handling
    • Passing
    • Shooting on the catch
    • Shooting off the dribble
    • Footwork

To give an example we’ve shared a PDF below of our U14 team coaches.

Style Of Play Year Plan EA 2021