One of the most important elements in our Academy is creating stronger connections between all involved.

Strengthening the player-coach relationship in my view is not just based on the exchange of teaching and sharing information. It goes deeper than that.

By looking back, we noticed some things about our culture that we weren’t aware of at first.

Now we see that those unconscious behaviors to connect with the players, beyond their performance, hold one of the key ways to build trust… for them to feel secure with us as coaches to train day in and day out, fail often and develop themselves on the court.

Here are some tips we have shared with our trainees to connect with the players on and off the court.

Of course every coach will have their own style but we do believe that in order for growth to be possible there needs to be a connection and not just great knowledge and exercises.

What are ways you have noticed that created a stronger bond with your own players?