Last week we had our first outside strength & conditioning session with our Academy kids.

Before every session I always run a 15 minute warm-up that serves as a check-up for all the joints.

I immediately noticed that many of the kids were looking more rusty than when I’d last seen them so I decided to create some quick videos that I can share in our team instagram groups.

In the videos below you’ll see that I train mobility while in motion instead of isolating each joint individually.

Of course we can go over every joint one by one but by combining coordination and rhythm work we will achieve a higher state of “openness” or physical freedom while actually training on our feet and passing through positions we also meet in the game.

The aim here is to make the movements look and feel fluid, not overstretching or going for maximal range of motion – rather aiming for your maximal elasticity in motion.

In the end that is I want for our basketball players:

✅ an elastic in the body
✅ slightly more mobility than they need in the game to prevent injury

*I’ve added a voice-over with the coaching cues that I’d mention to the kids while training them.