The rule of 3, 10 and 30 dive a bit further into the topic of my last post on two questions to ask yourself before intervening.

This one of those things that I heard mentioned somewhere but I forgot who said it. In any case the rules sticked because it just makes sense to run practices this way.

Rule of 3:
Give no more than 3 key points.
Too much instruction will freeze the mind.
Let players figure things out and trust that they can with minimal guidance.
Don’t make them too dependent on you, they’ll get used to it.

Rule of 10:
We rarely practice a drill longer than 10 minutes.
We either change it up a little or go on to the next one.

Rule of 30:
Try to keep your explanation under 30 seconds.
Players learn through doing, not through listening to lectures.
Play more, make more mistakes and talk less.