This week our shooting camp kicked off.

Before starting our Elite Academy, organising basketball camps was actually our main activity. We’ve been doing it for 10 years now.

Our shooting camp this week is aimed at players from 10 to 16+.

In the mornings we practice shooting in stations with different topics and in the afternoon we play a variety of shooting games

Players in our day camps train and play games mostly in age-based groups starting.

Technically we practice both individual ‘form’ and ‘spot’ shooting drills and create a game-like shooting environment using different shooting situations, obstacles and pressures.

During the Art Of Shooting Camp our aim is for kids to learn:

  • The difference of individual and game practice to improve your shooting performance
  • Rhythm shooting & importance of full-body coordination
  • Different types of jump shots
  • Contested shooting scenario’s and dealing with pressure
  • Developing mindfulness on the free-throw line

Below you find the Shooting Workbook that we share with our coaches:

Shooting Camp Workbook