We have started a traineeship process at our Academy to educate coaches in our coaching vision and process of teaching skills.

One of the skills we teach is athletic development which we see not only as on-court movement quality but also their off-court habits.

As you all know, kids move less now. Many of my colleagues working with professional athletes tell me that athletes actually do not move so much beyond their specialized training sessions.

Our aim for our kids therefore is to
1. perform better on-court
2. last longer in their careers as players and beyond

Here’s the presentation that we want all of our coaches to watch – whether they are skill coaches, style-of-play focused or athletic development trainers.

With the state of current youth physical decline in mind, I believe that every coach needs to be able to at least give a quick mobility and coordination-focused warm-up and teach the strength basics to kids of this generation.

Developing single-sport skills on an underdeveloped physical base is asking for injury. That’s why development of a wide athletic base receives much attention in our program.