Off-season is a time when we have always tried to help our kids to develop both their athleticism as well as their basketball skills.

Often one of the first things that gets lost during in-season is physical training.

That is why we try to create good habits during the summer and teach kids our main “physical vocabulary” during these months – so it becomes second nature and it’s not all “new information” during in-season.

This summer we’ll give players a couple of options to plan their off-season athletic training.

1. Join athletic sessions on single topics

The aim of these sessions is to let players develop a toolbox they can use throughout the season on topics such as:

  • how to prevent knee pain
  • how to jump higher
  • guided sport performance workouts
  • how to relax after training/before bed
  • ice bath sessions

2. Join the program minimum

We want all of our kids to master certain basics. This program does just that.

In our Facility we have a wall on which we write a new program every 3-4 weeks.

The “program minimum” takes max 20-30 minute to complete and exists of:

  • a warmup with self-massaging, squats, spine movements and arm swings
  • jumping and landing basics
  • 2 strength workouts to alternate that consist of pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging and carrying

The program can be done before or after their skill work depending on their schedule.

3. In-depth 3 week programs

Some players just have more motivation for a physical transformation than others – and we love to give it all to them.

Players that come to us with high motivation to train 3-4x/week will get a more in-depth program that will take a bit more time but covers more topics than the basics in the program minimum.

Especially 16+ players that have had experience with injury (and therefore motivation to prevent) and want to test the potential of their body are our targets with these programs.

To check out the first phase of our off-season program, download the PDF HERE.

Watch the video playlist with all exercises in the PDF in this Youtube playlist.