We’ve recently shared a free PDF on how we built our culture at EA.

However great the training may be thought out, however much knowledge there’s behind an idea in the session, we feel that if the culture and its values are not constantly being refined and nourished the essential foundation is missing in the program.

When starting out with EA as a business and a club, the basketball culture in Belgium was not neither very motivating nor uplifting for kids to develop themselves in. That is where we had to start to actually attract people with a growth mindset and get our initial community together.

Culture and community are what we are most proud of: consistent hard work and self-improvement on an individual and group-level start to become more playful that way. It’s a type of energetic feeling where we can all meet and thrive in.

If you want to know 10 basics pillars on how we built our culture and continue to refine it, check out the PDF below or download it here.