In this post I’ll share a recap of a 1 hour outside workout.
The topic of today was Finishing Extended.
We started with a 10-15min warmup where we focus on the different moves, letting players build up touch around the rim and get comfortable and familiar with the different finishes.
After the warm-up we went for 45min of small sided games where the focus is on: different angles & situations to finish against a live defender.
As you can see in the video the practice looks:
  • messy
  • players make mistakes
  • there is a lot of decision-making good / bad
  • everything is against a live defender with or without an advantage
Skill sessions like these for me are about how can we generate as much transfer as possible from practice to the game.
If the players are not making mistakes it means they’re not getting better but are getting accustomed to stay safe and always look good.
I feel both players and coaches should learn to be comfortable with a learning environment that’s messy and allows for mistakes.