The last weeks we’ve been back on it with our players.

As I wrote in the last posts on developing mobility in motion, I saw that our players were a bit rusty in their ankles and hips since coming back from lockdown.

The mobility movements you see in our Mobility video playlist serve as preparatory movements not just for joint health but also for power exploration.

Here’s our athletic development loop again:

Coordination ⏩ Rhythm ⏩ Kinetic Potential ⏩ Power Exploration ⏩ Strength

The better coordinated a player is and the more he is able to creates changes of rhythm, the more kinetic potential he has in him.

The skill of coordination serves as a foundation for more effortless production of speed and power.

It’s easier to learn how to do simple strength movements such as squats and presses when you’re body is intelligently trained in a large variety of body-weight coordinations.

Loading the coordinations with lighter tools such as Speed Tools or Kettlebells can then serve as the next progression to test if players are able to use their body as an interconnected explosive unit.

Using these tools while often expose where the “energy leaks are.”

We explore power moves that:

✅ are similar to moves in basketball
✅ work equally on both sides of their body
✅ are not directly related to basketball to add novelty

In this session we played with:

1️⃣ Rotational bodyweight squats
2️⃣ Two Arm Speed Tool moves such as passing and punching
3️⃣ One Arm Speed Tool moves such as outlet and push passes
4️⃣ Speed Tool Combos using side steps, step backs into throws
5️⃣ Kettlebell Swings and Squats into hill sprints

Check out the recap of one such sessions below with players that both have some experience with the training and that are completely new to it.

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