I don’t know how it’s with you as a coach, but we get a lot of DM’s from our players through Instagram.

Initially I was responding to these messages 1 by 1 until I realized that some of the questions kept returning.

The most common DM’s I get as the “play-perform” director (our take on athletic director) are the following:

  • “Coach how do I fix knee pain?”
  • “Coach how do I jump higher?”
  • “Coach how do I sleep better?”
  • “Coach how do I train when I’m injured?”
  • “Coach how do I meditate?”
  • “Coach how do I gain muscle?”
  • “Coach how do I get the right mindset?”

To make answering these questions manageable, we’ve set up specific theory and practical sessions during off-season, made Youtube lists with exercises and organised group Zoom lectures.

We thought it would be cool to give all players at our Elite Europe summer camp a poster with couple of pointers and mini-habit suggestions – so they have a reminder when they’re back home.

To grab a PDF download of the poster, click here.


EA POSTER Coach How Do I_v2