I get this question probably at least once a day on instagram.

I believe that the best way to get better in dribbling the ball is to simply just play 1-1.

If you’re in a group instead of on your own the best way to get better is to work with real defenders.

Stationary ball handling is OK for a warmup, definitely with younger kids but it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes of your time.

I used to be the coach who did 10-15 min stationary ball handling every practice when I started coaching because that’s what I saw online from other coaches. Now I think it’s one of the least effective drills you can do.

Get your players to play against each other, and if you see your players struggling too much add some constraints for the defender.

For example:
👉  you can’t reach,
👉 1 or 2 hands on their back

If it’s too easy, make it harder:
🆙 maximum amount of changes
🆙 a small zone to play in (for example can’t go outside of the elbows)

Get creative but let them compete!

PS: if you want some ideas, CLICK HERE to check out the 1v1 video section in the library.