We, as coaches, know what a screen is
It’s a way to delay someone from going somewhere
A screen is a block preventing the direct route to a task

We are taking screens for granted
As a coach we try our best to prepare our team to defend the PNR action
Yet you’re at the mercy of the offense to counter your defensive scheme

We think that players need to hit or move around the block
Going over or under is the way to get the players back to their task
When players get stuck: switch your way out of it

We have accepted that the concept of a screen is linked with slowing players down
Ask your players if they ever thought about this
What’s the first thing they will say if you ask them about getting hold up by a screen or block



We, as coaches, accept our players getting screened
Getting screened isn’t fun, it can hurt
If it isn’t fun, it can become a mental burden for players to allow themselves to get screened

We, as coaches, have never thought different, or did you?

What if there was no screen?
What if there was no hit?
What if the action, that slows the defense down, never happens?

It means you don’t have to guard it
It means you have cancelled the action
It means that this mental burden is not there