For this week’s 3×3 Camp that we organized I created a breakdown video for the players.

We decided to set up a camp using 3×3 game situations because we think it’s a fun way to develop certain qualities that have transfer to their 5v5 play.

We used 3×3 small-sided games to help players work on their basic skills:

  • shooting
  • finishing
  • passing
  • handling pressure
  • footwork
  • decision-making
  • defending multiple positions

Playing 3×3 players get a lot more touches than in their usual 5v5 which means:

  • higher frequency of decision-making
  • more opportunities to try out new moves & to find new creative solutions

Because in 3×3 there is more spacing, there is more room to operate and more opportunities to score.

Further, because of the 12 second shot clock the game is played very fast.

One great mindset opportunity that we see and that the Olympic team players shared with the kids at camp is that in 3×3 you need to develop the “next play” mentality: you cannot stay stuck in what happened 3 seconds ago because the game has already transitioned from offense to defense.

Lastly, 3×3 is a mostly position-less basketball where players need to be able to guard every positions.

And above all, both young and older kids love to play 3×3!

When our Olympic team players visited our camps, all of them were asked by the kids if they prefer to play 3×3 or 5v5. They all say they prefer 3×3 over 5v5 because they have more freedom (no micro-managing in coaching) and more touches.

Check out the video below to see the footage that goes with these points.