In this video you see our U15’s practice shooting in a competitive game.

Here we are working on the following qualities:

  • decision-making
  • testing shooting performance under pressure
  • passing and vision
  • style of play
  • making connections

We make the game competitive by giving players two ways to earn a point:

  1. scoring the shot +1
  2. giving the assist +1

Additionally there are a couple of extra rules that we give players:

  • only shots are allowed, no finishes
  • score = you stay on offense
  • maximum 2 passes are allowed
  • maximum 1 dribble is allowed

As you observe the game and see how players perform in it, it is possible to add more variety.

We included more loads on the go as you see at the end of the first and second minutes in the video.

If you enjoy working on these types of games with your players, let me know and we’ll share more of the games and load variations we have come up with.