Next to the technical Shooting video section, we have created 25 shooting games that you can use in your practices. These games I mostly use at the end of a shooting workout or when working individually to set up a competitive environment.

As a framework for myself, these are the types of shots I try to work on each workout:

  1. Form and rhythm shooting
  2. Layups & finishes around the rim
  3. Free throws
  4. Spot up jumpers
  5. Off the dribble
  6. Off the move
  7. Shots off game like cuts
  8. Shooting challenges or games

Testing out different pressures is an important way to observe what the impact of each type of pressure has on our players. Some athletes actually improve when adding in pressures and thrive on this.

Their focus and concentration rises up. Other players need time to adapt and become more tense when adding in certain stressors. Be sure to test out a variety of shooting game setups with your players to get to observe their individual performance and behavioral response.

Our observations are the inspiration to create new games as there we find out what we can further foster in our players. Below you find 3 examples of the Shooting Games.

To find all of them go to the Video section, click Basketball Skill and finally the Shooting Game block.