Coaches Traineeship

We are currently in the works with educating new local coaches through our traineeship program.

Our Coaches Traineeship exists of:

1️⃣ lectures on how and why behind Academy’s vision
2️⃣ our general pedagogic principles in coaching and development: practice-game transfer, giving feedback, writing practice plans
3️⃣ specifics of the variety of skills we teach to our players (Super Six, style-of-play, shooting, physical training,…)

We decided to start with a series of online theoretical lectures 🤓 before we head onto the court when our Facility re-opens in June to dive into the practical.

We’re testing our coaches on how well they understand the material 🎒 to see which things we need to explain more in detail in extra bonus lectures.

The theoretical course by itself has turned out to be 3-4 hours of quality study material – and it’s still growing.

It was designed to educate our own coaches because of the our Academy’s growth so it’s developed with that standard in mind.

We plan to release the lectures in the format of an online course with learning modules.

As soon as the material is completed we will launch it.💯

❌❗This course is for coaches with an open mind who are willing to get their assumptions about coaching challenged – and add principles to their own toolbox they can use with their youth to pro players.

Our method is both experience and research based. If you are happy where you are with your coaching then this is probably not for you. 🤷‍♂️