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Welcome to belgium'S biggest ONLINE basketball platform

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What content will Elite Athletes Online provide?

You get full access to all that we do.


Members of Elite Athletes Online get fULL access to videos of basketball skill development,  breakdowns, full workout tapes and camp videos.

You will learn through step by step instruction and workout examples how we develop our players basketball skills such as dribbling, ball handling, shooting, post-moves, passing, footwork, finishing, and more.

Further you will learn how we develop athletic qualities such as coordination, rhythm, physical awareness and perceptional qualities in a wide variety of training environments.


Lastly you will get a look into the video breakdowns we share with our players when we practice specific skill-sets seen in the game.

Our platform will be constantly updated with new videos and content of our daily training sessions with our youth basketball academy, professional clients, our local and international basketball camps and workshops.

At this moment there are close to 50 videos at your disposal with new material added each month!

"elite athletes online" will give you access to a frequently expanding video library of:

  • skill progression videos

  • player and team workouts

  • vIdeo of skill breakdowns

  • team and individual drills

  • classroom presentations

  • games to improve coordination and rhythm

  • camp recap videos



Workshop: Developing The Offensive Basketball Toolbox


Are you a coach who is always trying to perfect his training sessions?

Do you want to arrive at practices with a plan in mind, both for short-term and longer term development of your players?

If you want to learn more about our offensive development tools, this is a workshop for you and the perfect occassion to get an insight look inside 'The Process'.Β 

This is a workshop we teach to share our offensive trainingΒ framework that we use at Elite Athletes.

You will learn:

  • Our approach to teaching and learning new skills

  • Guidelines on how to set up your most efficient training practice

  • On court demo sessions with our youth players

  • Complete skill series progressions and regressions

  • Practice rules for coaches and players

  • Our vision behind skill development

Read more and subscribe through eliteathletes.be/developing-the-offensive-basketball-toolbox



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